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The german economy is the biggest in Europe - and the german stock market is nearly as important as the economy as a whole. Companies like Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom or E.on are recognized around the whole world.

But the german stock market doesn't only consist of those large caps. There are lots of smaller (and some really small) listed companies worth knowing. The performance of their stocks is measured by indices like the MDAX (for mid caps), the SDAX (for small caps) or the TecDAX (for technology stocks). And of course there is the blue chip index DAX - comprising the 30 biggest listed companies in Germany. You know, the likes of Siemens, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom...

Regular updates on the german stock market

A few months from now you'll find regularly updated news and information about the german stock market on this site - straight from germany, for the world.

What stocks will Stocks Germany cover?

Basically: all the most important german stocks will be covered on this site. You won't only find information about the 30 biggest listed companies from Germany, which comprise the blue chip index DAX. There'll also be a lot of news and analysis about the mid cap stocks in the mid cap index MDAX and even about the small cap stocks of which the small cap index SDAX consists. And of course the german technology stocks won't be left out either.

What kind of information will Stocks Germany provide?

You won't find a stock ticker on Stocks Germany. There are lots and lots of real time quotes available elsewhere. What we will aim to do is 1) give you the news and 2) put them in perspective. Our perspective is clear: We analyze the german stock market from within germany, but of course or horizon isn't restricted to a single country.

So when will you start?

To be honest: we have no idea. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or if you want to buy this domain, you can simply write an e-mail to postmaster[at]

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